Olivia B. Kenney is a Design and Art Director based in Philadelphia, PA. 

She brings positivity to every project, collaborating from concept to execution. Most recently, Olivia lead design at Gopuff and served as Art Director at LevLane.

OK Fine

When she’s not designing, Olivia can be found working on a variety of tactile projects for her offline creative outlet, OK Fine*:

︎︎︎ Embroidery
︎︎︎ Fiber Art
︎︎︎ Block Printing
︎︎︎ Illustration

*Site coming soon!

Let’s chat: obkenney@gmail.com ︎

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Gopuff Creative Team: Andrew Guirguis, Greer Mosher, Ruaidhri Kelly, Simone Riley, Adam Katz, Nicole James, Eamon Conway, Ali Grayman, Kira Latoszewski, Caroline Seibel, Joseph Jones, Chris Mullen, Evan Foster, Arielle Massa

LevLane Creative Team: Bruce Lev, Lori Miller, Chara Smith, Nat Gutwirth, RJ Cassi, Deb Racano